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Steve CannizzaroSteve Cannizzaro, founder of The North Star Company, saw a need in the marketplace to educate, equip and inspire leaders to improve their performance and achieve results by demonstrating essential practices. These essential practices help leaders raise their level of credibility, encourage confidence and trust, inspire vision, promote innovation and place value in the contributions of individuals and teams, all of which empower their organizations. With over 15 years of experience in corporate leadership development and coaching, Cannizzaro brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in transforming leaders, their employees and their organizational environments.

The North Star Company Credo


"Steve Cannizzaro is an excellent communicator and is very knowledgeable about those qualities that empower people to live lives of success and significance. The seminars and workshops provided to our students by the North Star Company have challenged and inspired." - Paul Trible, President, Christopher Newport University

The North Star Company's knowledge, skill, passion for assisting others achieve their highest potential and proven record of success can transform leaders and the organizations they serve.